Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hear Ye Hear Ye!

I'm not sure if you're aware or not (I must admit I had no idea) but today is.....


Who knew??

I was woken up by my BLT (at a respectful 08h00, it's school holidays so I get to sleep past the usual 05h30 wake up call) shouting in unison "Happy Lisa Day!" A homemade card was thrust at me as well as two balloons, into which they had put popcorn kernels to make "beautiful" loud, head-penetrating sounds. I'm quite sure that this was Tomato's idea as she likes nothing more than to have a party, usually she picks one of her dolls or fluffy toys to have a birthday (no wonder Lettuce can recite the Happy Birthday song so well!)

I was assisted with deciphering the card, after which I got a huge hug and a kiss from each of them and then left alone to emerge slowly into the frosty winter morning (5 degrees C - brrr.) I was even left to shower in peace without an audience. Happy day indeed!

I had no idea that it was Lisa Day, we've never celebrated it in the past but let's face it, it is a B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T idea that should really happen more often. I suspect however that it is going to take a bit of marketing before it becomes popular and is celebrated by the masses because when the girls told my mom that it was Lisa Day, her response was "whose Lisa?" duh!!!  Tomato explained kindly "she's your child."

Love love love my BLT, just like me, they'll celebrate just about anything!!  Long may it last :-))

LBT (a little dyslexic hee hee)

We love you mom. You are the best. You make my eczema feel like it has....

.......already gone. xxxxx. Love T, B & L

A hug from each of them and a heart