Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lessons Learned in 2016

In 2016 I have learned that:

the power of social media and technology should not be under-estimated; that Facebook can change lives; that one person, no matter how small, can make a huge difference in someone else's life; that helping others puts me on a high; I shouldn't stand too close to any window in my house during a thunderstorm; I should find the lid of the popcorn pot before I start heating the kernels; making a fancy cake for no reason makes for a fun day; I'm even stronger than I thought I was; single parenting is exhausting but rewarding; it really does take a village;
I create my own drama and can choose not to get sucked into the drama of others; every choice I make is bringing me closer towards something and further away from something else and that I should choose wisely; giggling until you snort is one of life's most under-rated pleasures; it's better to watch the moment than to video it; writing takes commitment, dedication and passion; everyone is able to change and become nicer; sometimes karma works immediately; people can carry emotional trauma for decades; curve balls think they are my friend; 
life is fickle; I only think I have time; I need to plan to do at least one thing on my bucket list each year before there are more items than years; caring family is priceless; international phonecalls are food for my soul; long whatsapp voice messages make me feel like I'm actually spending time with friends; I am never truly in control no matter how much I may like to think I am; standing barefoot in nature grounds and calms me; staying awake too late to enjoy quiet time only brings irritability in the morning; doctors don't always know best; true friends don't need to be asked; kindness came from those whom I least expected; unkindness can came from those whom I least expected; holidays are soulfood; adventures, even silly ones make life more interesting; memories are more important than possessions; music, laughter and chocolate make me happy; I didn't know how much I was going to miss someone until they were gone; Tuesday night dinners, roasts, pizzas and sing-a-longs re-energise even my most tired spirit; sushi and red wine is a fantastic combo no matter what the experts say; kiddy champagne is only for kiddies; I should never open birthday gifts from certain friends in front of my children; 
Christmas has less to do about the food and expensive presents and more to do with our traditions, sentiment, family, decorations and unconditional love; nothing is permanent; I am one decision away from having a completely different life and I've made that one decision; fear cements us into mediocre lives; a child who is scared in the night sometimes gives more comfort than he receives; the memorable scent of my mother will eventually fade no matter how hard I try to preserve it; I have amazing friends; we've passed middle age [horror!!]; I can use a drill; boxes can create magic; 
I can still surprise and impress my children; there truly is no such word as "can't" (the world according to mom) although a lot of bad words will probably be uttered before I say "I can"; I don't have to answer instant messages instantly even though my personality dictates it; stress is self-inflicted; the pain of losing a loved one pricks my eyes when I least expect it; even wealthy people worry about money;
fighting for my children's gifts to be recognised and for them to be respected for who they are, is a large part of parenting; teachers make or break a child and often don't realise the impact they have made (good or bad); seeing a car engine for the first time can be like watching fireworks for a five year old; although beautiful, fireworks can be scary; nothing on earth makes me feel better than hearing my children belly laugh; children grow up faster than you think; allowing photos to be taken of me, make my children happy; on some days two minute noodles are more happily gulped down than the 3 course gourmet meal I had planned; dessert can be a jelly baby. 

These are only some of the lessons I have learned. Reflecting on the words above, I have decided to go against the norm and my new year's resolution for 2017 is to have no resolution. I'm just going to "wing it" and sit back, sipping my jasmine green tea and watch with interest to see whether the world will go into a holding pattern or spin off its axis - I'm assuming not.